How one pastor’s courageous battle with cancer strengthened her congregation

“You have cancer” is something that no one wants to hear. But to hear it said four times is beyond comprehension. Yet this is exactly what happened to this courageous pastor, Rev. Dr. Wilma Robena Johnson. The members of New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church marveled at how she has been able to keep going through her cancer battle; and they share how her tenacity and faith has encouraged them.

Through this book, God will show you how to respond when life stinks…when the cancer won’t go away…when challenge and hope sleep together. You will rejoice in knowing that God is with you through it all…holding you, loving you, and giving you joy. Let God be your hope! Let God be your peace! Let God give you joy!

This book is a must read.

— Andrea L. Dudley, CEO, Habakkuk Publishing, Inc.

Romans 15:13 - NRSV

I rejoice in ministering through "giving away my joy." My life is full of the joy that Jesus gives. The purpose of MY JOY MINISTRIES is to fill you with hope, peace, light and joy. It may be by song, words, deeds and certainly any other opportunities when I can share my joy with you. I only want to provide comfort serving God's people. And I want to help you find your own joy. You can have a Hallelujah packed, Joy filled, devil defeating day!

I have labeled my Pastoral Leadership Style... "The Psalmist Model of Spiritual Joy." Jesus has given me joy and it is really HIS JOY that He has given to me. I was able to write my first book because of my joyful relationship with Christ. I am grateful to be able to "Give Away My Joy!"

Rev. Dr. Wilma Robena Johnson

My Cancer
God has supplied me with everything I need to press forward even after a lung cancer diagnosis. I have had 10 years when hopelessness, sorrow, pain, worry and even resentment could have destroyed my faith and my joy in the Lord, but not so. I have always believed that God is with me, that God loves and cares for me. May I encourage you to trust God to bring you through whatever it is you may have to go through. I have gone through two major surgeries, months of radiation and I am taking oral chemo pills as I write. I call them my Victory pills. It has been 295 days so far. I put that poison in my body and God is using it for my good and for His glory! And my joy is still intact.

God is using the chemo to bring me blessings of consolation and strength, that only God can bring. Even after a severe allergic reaction, and thinking I cannot and should not go to church, the Holy Spirit instructed me to pull out the “leper” text and preach! Three Sundays I preached and I was the demonstration for the sermon. Three Sundays preaching and singing and I was the “show and tell.” Only the power of the Holy Spirit could have nurtured me to keep going through it all. I found myself preaching for everyone who ever felt ugly. I preached for everyone who ever found themselves in an ugly situation.

Rev. Dr. Wilma R. Johnson's signing event for her new book "Unshakeable Joy" was a huge success. "Unshakeable Joy" nearly sold out on the first day. Pastor Johnson spoke briefly to the waiting audience, thanking them for their support and prayers and briefly describing the journey that led to the creation of this second book. She entertained a few questions and then sat at a table to greet her guests and sign book after book, until the last person who wanted an autographed copy received one. Kudos to Pastor Johnson, who can now add "Repeat Best-Selling Author" to her long list of accomplishments.